Buddhist Meditation with Shaku Jinsen

Buddhist Meditation is an excellent practice to train yourself in emotional stability. Explore your mind with a gentle and relaxed attitude in order to broaden your inner space. Create room for cultivating compassion and loving-kindness. The practice will start with basic meditation techniques and will gradually take up some specific features of Shingon-buddhist practice such as basic visualization techniques.

Our teacher is Shaku Jinsen who studied and practiced buddhism in Japan for a period of ten years. He is a fully ordained Buddhist priest from the Shingon-school of Japanese Buddhism. He currently leads Yo e an, Centre for Shingon Buddhism, providing opportunities to practice meditation and learning more about Buddhism and the Shingon-tradition.

Meditation sessions are offered twice a month on Sundays from 9.30am to 10.30am

Mark the dates:

7 and 21 January 2018