Five Elements in Spring

Spring is a time for new growth, regeneration and cleansing. For us, its time to wake up, stretch our limbs, choose a direction and go for it. Join us for these special Spring dedicated events in March:

YIN YANG SPRING WORKSHOP, Saturday 12 March, 2pm to 4pm
Each season has its own energy that affects our body and our health, and Spring is no exception. In this 2-hour workshop we’ll dive into Ayurveda (sister science of yoga) and the Five Elements of Chinese medicine to help us make the most of this season. We willl combine deep and juicy Yin yoga with fun and flowing Vinyasa Flow to shed the heaviness of Winter, cleanse body and mind from the inside out, and get ready for Spring!

In Shiatsu terms spring responds to the element of wood in the five-element cycle. This wonderful healing art of Japan can help you detox, rebalance, relax and revitalise after winter and to harmonise your energy for spring. Our Thai massage flows and long therapeutic stretches balance the energetic meridians in the entire body. Five element Thai Massage can be used to treat many common ailments, such as headaches, coughs, fatigue, joint pain, stress, indigestion, anxiety and frustration.

Yin Yang Workshop 35eur
1h Shiatsu/Thai massage – 80eur (save 15eur)
Yin Yang Workshop & 1h Shiatsu or Thai massage – 105eur (save 25eur).


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