Introducing Serendip’s Karma Yoga – a new community support to those in need

As you know, we love to create new ideas and ways to give back to our community around us.  Thank you for all your support in attending our fundraising events, our nights to encourage emerging artists & authors and our participation in larger societal endeavours.  Everyone on our team is incredibly committed to helping with improving health & wellbeing – and supporting those in need. With that in mind, we are so pleased to announce a new way we wish to reach out to our incredible community around us.  Sparked by recent conversations with some of our yogis who are in the process to find work, who are undergoing medical treatment or who are survivors of traumas, we have created Serendip’s Karma Yoga.

For those that are already well-versed in yoga philosophy, you are already aware that “Karma yoga” is often understood as the practice of self-less giving.  It is also considered a form of yoga practice to promote tranquillity.  Voilà, we’d like to introduce you to Serendip’s new Karma Yoga class & a way that you can give to others:

1.      A new yoga class on our schedule!  Beginning this month in April, we will be offering a free class to those in need (for example, whether for monetary or health reasons).  Take a look on our schedule and find “Karma Yoga” on varying days and times.  We are starting with one class this month and then expanding this with further classes.  Often, these courses at Serendip will be taught by a yoga teacher who has special training in yoga used for trauma & therapeutic help. 

2.      An idea to give to others in need!  If you wish, you can purchase a yoga class for yourself & then a “Karma Yoga” pass for someone else.  Or, you can even offer a class from your yoga pass.  Tell the Serendip team that you’d like to arrange for a “Karma Yoga” pass.  We will put this pass on our studio wall and anyone can take and use this for any class they wish to follow.  This concept is sometimes referred to as “pay it forward” or a “suspended” service or even as it is, an “act of kindness”  - and you may have read about these ways companies can give to their community in need.  So – here’s an idea – if you are in a position to do this & if you would like to offer a free class to someone else, feel free to arrange a “Karma Yoga” pass.  We’ll put it on the wall for anyone to take.  We are sure there will be someone out there who will thank you for it.


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