June at Serendip Spa & Yoga

The month of June already has a few special global holidays related to wellbeing ‐‐ Global Wellness Day & International Yoga Day ‐‐ so we thought, why not celebrate all month long?! So, we declare June to "officially" be a month of wellness activities. So, how is this different than a normal month, especially at Serendip? Well, it may not be different by how it looks ‐ but perhaps it can be in our own awareness.

So, just as celebrating our birthdays, anniversaries & other special days remind us to appreciate the moment ‐ let's treat June as 30 special days to appreciate you! So, take a look at the fun schedule we have in store ‐ but also, take time for yourself in other ways too. Take a breath. Go out with a friend. Look around & appreciate life around you. Take special care of your own health and happiness. This month is for you!


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