Time to Celebrate!

Time to celebrate!!  (Actually, we believe in celebrating ALL the time!) However, this time, we have a very special reason as we have some very exciting news to share!!  The World Luxury Award has just notified us that we are two-time Luxury Boutique spa winner!! This year our award is for service excellence for luxury spas as the Best National Boutique Spa 2016.  We wish to thank all of you, our reason for achieving this special recognition, as you inspire to keep on striving to do better, to create more events and services that we all need and to enjoy every moment while we do so.  So, celebrate with us - not only for this award, but for your own achievements.  Take time this summer to say thank you to YOU for being who you are.

Serendip Spa

Award-winning 5-start luxury wellness escape in the heart of Brussels:  massage treatments, yoga, workshops, retreats & natural products.  Visit us at Serendip Spa & Yoga!