Nourish Your Inner Light with Charlotte Saint-Jean

I am often asked how and why I seem to radiate an inner glow? How come I have so much energy despite a ministers schedule?

Yes I have a natural ability to be vital, full of pitta or fire energy. Yes I live a healthy and fit lifestyle and yes I practice yoga, meditation & sport daily …. BUT is it so much more than this. Your inner light does not just come from the a disciplined yoga practice, eating salad leaves daily, etc… it comes from a very healthy love of life! It comes from believing in yourself, it comes from pushing the boundaries, it comes from self acceptance and a massive amount of laughter, love & dance.

I kid you not! The ability and the desire to laugh at oneself, with others, to dance your way through life, to do things daily that frighten you and shake the dust is the best soul medicine ever!

So with a healthy dose of laughter, some strong Positive Personal Mantras, heart openers and fun come and flow, shine & believe!

 Saturday 5 November, 5.30pm - 7.30pm at Serendip Studio

The price per person is 35eur.

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