Massage Discovery Week

The human body is unique and complex; every person is different and has very different needs. At Serendip, we endeavour to treat each client as an individual and deal with their specific requirements, offering the best treatment for them on an individual basis. But sometimes it is not a single treatment but a combination of different techniques that bring the best results. That’s why we invite you to join us for another Massage Discovery Week and explore our new range of treatment packages to get your body and mind ready for new season. Each package includes a consultation explaining focus and the benefits of the treatment to help you distinguish between the different treatments we offer and how best to pick the most appropriate massage or ritual based on your specific needs. Plus you receive our Yoga Trial card so you can benefit of 2 yoga classes of your choice for free.

Health & Wellness Therapy
Designed for those looking for pampering, pure holistic approach, unwind and relaxation to improve healthy and balanced lifestyle:

package includes 3 treatments: 45min Foot reflexology + 1h Ayurvedic Harmony + 1h Lymphatic Drainage + Yoga Trial Pass
price 235eur (full price 285eur)

Massage Therapy
Is your body stiff, do you spend long hours at computer, do you suffer from muscle aches, are you a sportsmen or gym enthusiastic?
package includes 3 treatments: 45min Deep Back Massage + 1h Thai/Shiatsu/Balinese + 1h Sport/Stretch massage + Yoga Trial Pass
price 215eur (full price 265eur)

Beauty Therapy
This package is for those who feel that their skin is out of condition, it is dry, dehydrated, tired and irritated or for those who simply look for that glamorous feel.

package includes 4 treatments: 1h Facial treatment + 1h Himalayan Salt treatment + 1h30 Ayurvedic Harmony ritual + 1h Anti-cellulite treatment + Yoga Trial Pass
price 365eur (full price 440eur)

Our Massage Discovery Week promotion will run from September 18 till September 30 – you can start anytime from 18 to 30 September and your massage discovery will start from then.The whole package is valid 1 month following your first treatment.


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