February at Serendip Spa & Yoga

Ah February, the shortest month of the year, but also this time when we begin to notice days getting longer, when it is still Winter but with a little hint of light coming our way, when we are ready for LOVE!

Love in all its meanings: love for our significant other, for our friends, our parents, our children, our pets - but it all starts with ourselves. And while we tend to mark the dates of 14th February to celebrate love, maybe we can find a way to honour love in our love every day, at every moment - which is why at Serendip we are ready to celebrate with you every day!

Just have a look at our calendar - after all, this is what we stand for. Let's celebrate love together! 

serendip spa and yoga calendar 2018_A4 February FRONT.jpg
serendip spa and yoga calendar 2018_A4 February BACK.jpg