June in Serendip Spa & Yoga

"Unlimited summer" has such a lovely ring to it -- which is why we use this to describe our spa and yoga offerings for the next few months.  

The sentiment of infinitesimal enjoyment of the warm sun & hours of "dolce far niente" instills an anticipation of moments to come.   Though, this feeling can be conjured up at any time of the year.  

The warm weather, at least in Brussels, may not be with us at all seasons - but relaxation is always available.  We can create our own feeling of "unlimited summer" whenever we need it.  So, mental note - let's make sure we give ourselves the time to recharge when needed - and for the next few months especially, let's take advantage of an unlimited summer feeling wherever we go and let's make it contagious.

serendip spa and yoga calendar 2018 _June A4 FRONT.jpg
serendip spa and yoga calendar 2018_ June A4 BACK.jpg

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