July in Serendip Spa & Yoga

Oohhh!  Summer - full speed ahead!!  And how we need some time away.  As always, when holiday arrives, we make great resolutions - such as, let's not wait for our holiday to take that much needed rest time!  And if you are not a fan of the World Cup, you can always take care of yourself and escape for a well-deserved break and a moment for yourself : a treatment, a yoga  class... hmmm, Summer bliss!

That said, if you are a fan, you are also welcome to take a break in between games, if you want to rest before cheering for your favourite team again!

Enjoy our Unlimited Summer offerings, treat yourself, and carry that holiday feeling with you - door is open, welcome home to yourself!

serendip spa and yoga calendar 2018_July A4 FRONT.jpg
serendip spa and yoga calendar 2018_July A4 BACK.jpg

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