We Love Natural Spa Factory!

At Serendip, we absolutely love Natural Spa Factory products, and we are very proud to be carrying them in our store.

You might be wondering "that is all well and good, but what makes Natural Spa Factory really different?"

Well, besides the fact that they are great products for your skin, here are the real reasons why we recommend them 110%:

1. Seasonal and bespoke collections, with locally sourced ingredients;

2. Botanically sourced ingredients derived by nature, and products free from parabens and any other hard-to-pronounce nasties;

3. Not tested on animals!

4. Gender-neutral packaging, meaning that whether you identify as man, or woman, or non-binary, or a-gender, you choose your products based on your tastes and needs, not based on a label;

5. Packaging is also recyclable where possible.

So in short: good for you, good for the community, good for the planet!

Come by our store to discover Natural Spa Factory products and fall in love with them too!


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