August in Serendip Spa & Yoga

"Make each day count!"  

This feels like our mantra this month - perhaps because it is August and all of us want to keep the feeling of summer as long as possible.  Perhaps, this should be our mantra every day, all year long!  In any case, let's start now.  Make a list of all the fun things you have been meaning to do, spend time dreaming in the sunshine - & celebrate life with your family and friends.  

Come on by for that cup of tea with our team any/every day this month, and celebrate your achievements, big or small. And maybe your dream is to study yoga more in depth - this month's your month then, don't waste time and apply for our teacher training


serendip spa and yoga calendar 2018_August A4 FRONT.jpg
serendip spa and yoga calendar 2018_August A4 BACK.jpg

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