Sunday 11 March 2018 from 2pm to 5pm at Serendip Studio

In this workshop we'll move on the rhythm of the music and our breath, and we'll find balance in poses with a fellow practitioner. We'll close the session with mantras, myths and meditation. This can be a wonderful calming and heart opening experience, so that by the end you'll feel more connected to yourself.

Fleur is an enthusiastic and encouraging yoga teacher. 

She brings her professional dance background, light hearted nature and passion for music to her yoga sessions.

She provides a safe environment where you feel challenged to try new things.

Inclusive for all levels, you can expect a grounded, joyful and meaningful practice.

More about Fleur on her website 

Read her blog about mantras here 

- Price -
55EUR per person
50EUR if booked and paid by 20th February




Friday 16 March 2018 from 6:30pm to 8pm at the Serendip Spa & Yoga studio

Experience meditation with the founder & teacher behind the meditation app THIRD EAR, Leo Cosendai. The celebrated sound meditation & mindfulness teacher will lead you through a special 1h30 workshop working on your ability to perceive and use sound and breath as a tool for entrainment and self-care.

This 1h30 will be dedicated to the exploration of your subconscious mind as well as the acceptation of your conscious mind - a very therapeutic and transformational experience. The frequencies emitted by Leo’s instruments enable the unfolding and creation of fresh neuro connections and stimulation of blood currents into the frontal lobe whilst you are taken on a journey of the mind.

Working from the inside out, Leo’s practice also includes powerful breath work, which is also known to help clear away contemporary obstacles like anxiety and insomnia.

The class will include: Gong bath + Breath work + Group Chanting.

Suitable for beginners but challenging for everyone regardless of experience on the mat. Please bring water. Avoid eating before the workshop..

What others have said about this workshop:

“It turns out Leo has the voice of angel.” – VICE
“London’s foremost Gong Master” – The Times
“It felt like I was floating on air “ – Huffington Post

Price: EUR 25. Info and Bookings:




P.S. This is not a detox workshop!


Sunday March 18th – 9 am to 3.30 pm


In our busy world, we tend to take care of everybody else and often put ourselves last. Being constantly exhausted, overwhelmed and busy, looking after ourselves is just one more thing on the to do list and often falls short on a day to day basis. Nourishing ourselves with homemade food is sometimes just not an option, yet at the same time we know how important it is for our long-term health and how confident and vibrant we feel in our bodies to invest the time and energy to do so.

This urban retreat with Lucia and Bettina offers you the opportunity to explore ways for you  to take better care of yourself with yoga, self-awareness and in the kitchen.


After a Yoga and Meditation class on self-love with Lucia, Bettina will lead a session where we will explore our relationship with ourselves in the context of self care a bit more. 

·      What does self-love and self-care actually mean to you?

·      How does it express itself in your daily life?

·      How does it relate to your relationship with food and the way you feel about your body?

·      Do you self-sabotage when it comes to self-care?

·      What are small steps that you can implement right now for self-care to take a more prominent role in your life?

We will then wear our aprons and cook our own lunch: Lucia will provide you with her guidance on how to prepare a full menu with healthy seasonal ingredients, a menu which doesn’t require too much time, but still satisfies your palate and your eyes. A few yoga concepts will also be introduced, so that you can make cooking and eating part of your daily spiritual practice.

After lunch, Bettina will explore with you what small intentions you can walk away with and how to integrate them in your daily life, before we finish with Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique that lets you integrate the learnings of the day and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.


About Bettina Schelkle: Bettina is a German health coach and yoga teacher and the author behind the A Vibrant Life Blog. She holds a Health Coaching certification by the Institute of Integrate Nutrition (USA) and a 500h Yoga Teacher Training by the Devon School of Yoga (UK). She also holds a PhD in Biology and brings in her research knowledge to break down confusing nutrition advice and research for her clients, so that they can live life vibrantly.

About Lucia Vimercati: Lucia Vimercati is an Italian 500h yoga teacher and a healthy cooking teacher. She holds certifications as a macrobiotic cook and food therapist from La Sana Gola in Milan and Ayurveda cook from Yoga Vidya in Germany. She has also taken various raw cooking trainings with prominent Italian raw chefs and has been offering her cooking classes in Italy, Germany and Belgium.

Location: Serendip Spa & Yoga's Atelier - exact location provided upon payment

Price: EUR 110 - Early bird: EUR 100 if booked and paid before 1st March. Prepayment is REQUIRED.


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