Serendip SPA & Yoga HAS a tremendous pleasure to welcome below mentioned guest teachers at our Studio in 2017 and we would like to invite you to their workshops:

Charlotte Saint-Jean, 10 September

Charlotte Saint-Jean is an E-RYT500 with Yoga Alliance, and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider). This workshop can count as continued education credits / 7 contact hours, for teachers registered with Yoga Alliance

Sunday 10 September, 9.30am - 5pm
This module, designed for yoga teachers or aspiring yoga teachers and advanced practitioners, will act as the foundations and creation of your vinyasa practice & teaching methodology. Integrating postures you may already know well into a sequence to a fluidity of practice. The aim is to respect the subtle alignment & energy of solar and lunar & create a practice that helps you find you inner harmony & is atuned to your students needs as well. 

What to expect…
       Basic principles of Vinyasa yoga
       How to construct a fluid practice
       Kramas & Waves
       Sequencing & preparing the principle pose
       Solar v Lunar Practice
         Getting into the flow – some essential and basic theory

Modern Hatha Yoga should bring balance between the Sun (Pingala Nadi, Prana Shakti) and the Moon (Ida Nadi, Manas Shakti) Channels. Honour both the Sun and the Moon currents. Those who seek and pursue both find the middle path: the gracious Sushumna Nadi! These two pillars of the yoga tradition form a crucial part of my own practice and of this training path as we explore the balance and harmony between the solar and lunar paths, between the yin and yang, the female and the male, the every evolving circle of energy

Price 150eur per person per workshop
Register by 31 July and pay 125eur only

Helen Cushing, 28-29 October

Based in Australia, Helen has been teaching yoga to war veterans, refugees and other trauma survivors since 2004. In her work she regularly sees PTSD symptoms subside as damaged nervous systems recover and past pain is left behind. Helen travels internationally helping individuals and communities reclaim peaceful and productive lives. She has made a multi-award winning film, Heroes of Peace, and written a book explaining how yoga heals the scars of trauma (Hope: How Yoga Heals the Scars of Trauma).

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October, 9am - 5pm

Yoga-based solutions for post-trauma suffering

Horrific experiences can leave deep scars on the mind, pain in the body and emptiness in the heart.
Traumatic events change the brain, impacting the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is a holistic system that heals on all these levels, restoring physical and mental health by rebalancing the nervous system and giving tools to help you sleep, shift thinking patterns, calm your emotions and bring stability. Using a system of yoga psychology integrating practices for the body, breath and mind, symptom relief quickly brings hope, energy and positivity.

At the yoga for trauma recovery workshop you will:

·       Experience the healing power of yoga practices that relieve post-trauma suffering;

·       Learn the principles of using yoga to heal the nervous system and transform the body-mind;

·       Learn tools to support recovery and cope with everyday life;

·       Use simple yoga postures, breathing and relaxation to release tension and create calm;

·       Learn new mental attitudes for letting go of past pain and feeling joy in the present;

·       Be inspired by Helen’s award-winning short film, Heroes of Peace.

Find out more about Helen’s work and buy her book at