Saturday 17th November, 2-5pm

Vinyasa yoga workshop with Fleur van Hille, yoga instructor at Vale de Moses

Let yourself be guided through a flow of asanas in a delicate, yet invigorating way. 

Fleur loves music and moving through the asanas like a dance. Her enthusiasm and love for yoga tends to be contagious, making it hard not to go with the flow. She provides a safe environment where you feel challenged to try new things. We’ll close the session with chanting mantras together. Fleur will explain the symbolism of different mantras, to give you an idea of the cultural background of yoga. You don’t need to be a great singer, nor a hippy or a Hindu, to be touched by singing together. By the end of the workshop you might feel lighter; with a sense of deep relaxation or very energised, whatever you needed the most.

Inclusive for all levels, you can expect a grounding, joyful and meaningful practice.