Vinyasa Teacher Training II, March - December 2017

Welcome to the second edition of a unique teacher training in Vinyasa Flow yoga in Brussels. Become a highly skillful and creative yoga teacher in an uncompetitive and supporting environment with the leading Vinyasa Flow teacher Emmanuelle Lambert

Embark on the journey of your lifetime and learn how to teach life-changing Vinyasa Flow yoga with this 200-hour training. Dive deep in ancient yogic philosophy and techniques mixed with cutting-edge anatomy to teach Vinyasa Flow to a high standard and deepen your own knowledge and practice.

This training will give you:
Knowledge and understanding of ancient practices and techniques, and their relevance today

A thorough understanding of functional anatomy and biomechanics with an exploration of bones and muscles, connective tissue and joints, and revolutionary concepts that every teacher should know

A deep understanding of key asana and family of poses and the concept of holistic organic alignment

Tools to sequence powerful and effective classes and practices, as well as keys to adapt your classes for different needs

Space and tools for personal enquiry, finding your own voice and what you stand for, a deeper sense of self.

Serendip Spa’s Vinyasa Teacher Training is a one-of-a-kind teacher training in Belgium, with the first certified Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher and first Core-Strength Vinyasa trained teacher in Brussels, Emmanuelle Lambert.

Dates for 2017 Training
* 24-25-26 March
* 21-22-23 April
* 19-20-21 May
* 09-10-11 June
* 30 June - 01-02 July
* 25-26-27 August
* 15-16-17 September
* 13-14-15 October
* 17-18-19 November
* 08-09-10 December
* Graduation: 15 December

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN - please contact for more details
and the application form