Aromatherapy Weekend at Serendip, 14-15 April

Come by Serendip on Saturday 14th and / or Sunday 15th April and discover the benefits of aromatherapy - our special weekend offerings include:

* 15% discount on all aromatherapy treatments and products

* Buy any Facial & Aromatherapy serie and receive one extra treatment for free (applicable to 3-/6- and 12-month

* AromatherapYoga with Charly on Sunday 15 April at 1pm
When yoga meets aromatherapy… Come enjoy a delicious and relaxing Candlelight yoga class enhanced with essential oils for a complete wellbeing experience. Suitable for all levels.


April in Serendip Spa & Yoga

At Serendip, one thing we love about Spring is the awakening of the senses and the lighter energy. True, Spring this year is taking its time, but we can already feel it coming: Spring flowers blooming, light shining - a feast of the senses! We have taken cues from Nature this month to awaken all of our senses, and revel in the joy of Spring!

This month we will create our own luxurious bouquets, treat ourselves with Aromatherapy, take time to smell the proverbial roses. How can you also get inspired by Nature? Maybe by looking around you, opening your eyes, opening your ears, tasting that delicious Easter chocolate, smelling the perfume of Spring flowers, feeling the soft touch of a ray of sun on your skin - take a deep breath and enjoy!

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serendip spa and yoga calendar 2018_April A4 FRONT-page-001.jpg

Introduction to Trauma-Informed Classes Workshop

Introduction to trauma-informed classes – A workshop for yoga teachers and teachers in training


About 50% of people who try a yoga class for the first time don’t come back – why is that?

Many reasons could be an explanation, but it is also time to acknowledge that most yoga spaces are not welcoming to people who suffer from and live with trauma.

While not everyone in a standard class is traumatized, it is our job as teachers to take into account the possibility that some of our students actually are.


This workshop is designed for teachers and teachers in training who wish to become more aware of the dynamics of trauma and who wish to make their classes more inclusive for everyone, or students considering taking a teacher training. We will review the mechanisms of trauma and tools to develop agency and empowerment in a yoga class.


This workshop is NOT designed to allow teachers to work with specific traumatized populations, or to process and heal from trauma. Some elements of the discussions might be triggering.


Open to yoga teachers and yoga teachers in training. Eligible for Yoga Alliance Continued Education Credit.

While there will be a bit of asana practice, this workshop will consist mostly of discussions and lectures.


Your teacher: Emma is Serendip Spa & Yoga’s Head Teacher and Lead Teacher Trainer. She is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance as E-RYT 200 and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider), a certified Trauma-Center, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F), and certified Teen Yoga teacher. She has worked with people suffering from complex PTSD and cancer survivors, and will soon start projects with women victims of abuse, and disadvanted youth.



·      10h-13h: trauma mechanisms and trauma theory

·      14h-17h: elements of a trauma-informed class: invitation / choice / non-coercion / environment / teachers qualities


Location : Serendip Spa & Yoga’s Atelier

Price : EUR 100 – Early bird of EUR 90 if booked and paid by April 10.

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Serendip Spa partnership with Bloomon Belgium

Serendip Spa is happy to announce our partnership with Bloomon Belgium. As you will notice the Spa and the Yoga Studio will get more and more filled with gorgeous flowers in very original compositions.

Bloomon’s stunning bouquets are available to our clients with a special discount code -SERENDIP- (of course!) which will entitle you to an extra bouquet and a free beautiful vase with your first delivery.  You can register to receive your weekly bunch of spring online at the following link  quoting the special discount code SERENDIP or at the spa with our concierge staff.

Serendip Spa will also host Bloomon’s flower arranging workshop on Friday 13 April – you can reserve your place to learn the art of contemporary flower arrangement here   



Hormone Yoga Workshop with Lucia

Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) is a dynamic form of yoga created by Dinah Rodrigues, which naturally helps to reactivate hormone levels and to effectively prevent or eliminate the symptoms of menopause. It will also benefit those women suffering from hormonal disorders (PMS, irregular periods, polycystic ovary, thyroid imbalance) and those who have difficulties getting pregnant due to low hormone levels. 

Through dynamic yoga poses, energetic breathing exercises, visualization and some Tibetan energy circulation techniques, HYT stimulates the glands associated with hormone production, i.e. the ovaries, the thyroid and parathyroid, the hypophysis and the adrenals. During the workshop we will slowly go through the sequences and explain the different exercises step by step. We will also look at some anti-stress and relaxation techniques. At the end you will get a copy of the sequence so that you can continue to practice it at home. 

Contraindications: HYT is contra-indicated in pregnancy and with certain conditions such as active endometriosis, large fibroids, hormone dependent breast/uterine cancer or history of undiagnosed abdominal pain. 

Join us on Sunday 8 April from 2:30 to 6:30pm

 Price 60eur per person

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March in Serendip Spa & Yoga

What an exciting time: Spring is coming! Sure, the air might still feel a bit crisp, and we are still shaking off that last bit of hibernation, but new light and new energy are coming, Spring flowers are blooming, holidays are being planned… Maybe it is also time to take care of yourself, to give your body and mind the breather they need, maybe by forming new healthy habits, or taking a much needed break. Take time for yourself, take time to small the Spring flowers!

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BLOOM! A One-Day Spring Retreat with Emma

On Sunday 25th March, escape the daily grind and celebrate the coming of Spring with this one-day rejuvenating urban retreat.

It is time to plant new seeds and watch them bloom, to connect with the light and vibrant energy of Spring, and shake off the weight of Winter and feel radiant from the inside out.

Join Emma for the fun and refreshing day of yoga – vivify your body and mind so you can bloom and grow!



9h30: Opening & welcome

10h30-13h: we will start with a short talk on the energy of Spring through the lens of Ayurveda (sister science of yoga), followed by a Vinyasa Flow yoga practice to awaken body, mind, and spirit.

13h-14h: lunchbreak

14h-17h: we will continue our day with a more meditative practice encompassing all aspects of yoga : asana (poses) with a Yin Yang practice, leading to more restorative and quiet moments, complete with Yoga Nidra (meditation) and chanting.

17h-17h30: wrap up & closure


Price: EUR 100, early bird: EUR 90 if booked and paid in full by 10th March. PREPAYMENT REQUIRED.

Location: Serendip Spa & Yoga’s Atelier. Exact location provided upon payment.


February at Serendip Spa & Yoga

Ah February, the shortest month of the year, but also this time when we begin to notice days getting longer, when it is still Winter but with a little hint of light coming our way, when we are ready for LOVE!

Love in all its meanings: love for our significant other, for our friends, our parents, our children, our pets - but it all starts with ourselves. And while we tend to mark the dates of 14th February to celebrate love, maybe we can find a way to honour love in our love every day, at every moment - which is why at Serendip we are ready to celebrate with you every day!

Just have a look at our calendar - after all, this is what we stand for. Let's celebrate love together! 

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