June in Serendip Spa & Yoga

"Unlimited summer" has such a lovely ring to it -- which is why we use this to describe our spa and yoga offerings for the next few months. The sentiment of infinitesimal enjoyment of the warm sun & hours of "dolce far niente" instills an anticipation of moments to come.

Though, this feeling can be conjured up at any time of the year. The warm weather, at least in Brussels, may not be with us at all seasons - but relaxation is always available. We can create our own feeling of "unlimited summer" whenever we need it.

So, mental note - let's make sure we give ourselves the time to recharge when needed - and for the next few months especially, let's take advantage of an unlimited summer feeling wherever we go and let's make it contagious.

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May in Serendip Spa & Yoga

Oh May, that month when it is still Spring but the taste and smell of Summer is felt in the air and Summer holidays are getting closer…

At Serendip, we love finding ways to help you get ready for these delicious Summer months with a feast of the senses: it's all about Aromatherapy! And don't forget you can take care of both body and mind with all our treatments, like getting a taste of that relaxed feeling you can only get on Summer holidays.

Our yoga classes and Buddhist meditations sessions are also here to help you take care of yourself, so come on, be curious, explore!

Speaking of exploring, how about combining the benefits of yoga and Thai massage, with our special workshop of the month?

The tea kettle is always on, our serendip scent in the air - welcome, we love to see you!

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Yoga x Thai Massage Workshop

Sunday 12th May, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Yoga and Thai Massage have a lot in common and are a perfect combination for a holistic harmony of body and mind.

This workshop will start with a one-hour Vinyasa practice with Emmanuelle, suitable for all levels, and designed to open your whole body - think of it as an active yoga practice where you will move, flow, and breathe!

We will then continue with Thai massage techniques with Charly. First we will learn self massage techniques, targeting neck, shoulders and face with accupressure work. Then we will view partner massage, focusing on back, pressure points along the spine, as well as shoulders.

The best of both worlds!

Price: EUR 35 per person

You can come with a partner - if you book for two people, please make sure both are registered, as spots are limited.



Come by Serendip and discover the benefits of combining anti-cellulite treatments and movement, with the opportunity to get a free yoga class.

* Buy a 6-month Anti-Cellulite Series, for 6 1hr treatments - 434 euros (real value: 510 euros) - and get a free group yoga class;

* Buy a 12-month Anti-Cellulite Series, for 12 1hr treatments - 816 euros (real value: 1020 euros) - and get a private yoga class;

When yoga meets deep remodeling treatment... Experience lightness in your body and peace of mind!

This offer is valid in April only and cannot be combined with any other offers. Yoga classes to be redeemed by the treatment package deadline. No extension possible.

More information and bookings with our concierge.


April in Serendip Spa & Yoga

At Serendip, one thing we love about Spring is the awakening of the senses and the lighter energy.

True, Spring this year is still making up its mind, but we can already feel it coming: Spring flowers blooming, light shining - a feast of the senses! And Summer is not that far away!

So to take care of both body and mind, for the brighter days to come, come enjoy the benefits of deep body treatments and movement combined!

We have prepared special offerings for you to get ready for those Summer days we are looking forward to - but let it also be a time to take our time, and take care of ourselves while enjoying Nature's awakening.

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March in Serendip Spa & Yoga

One of the most exciting times of the year is here: Spring is coming!

We might still be feeling like hibernating, but the air is getting lighter and the first Spring flowers are already blooming. We might even be preparing our next holiday, perhaps awaiting a much needed breather.

A change of season also means resetting our habits, and our body, so don’t neglect your own needs for self-care and rest. We all need a break from time to time, so take time to breathe, rest, and smell the Spring flowers!

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Registration for our next Yoga Teacher Training is OPEN!

Vinyasa Teacher Training IV, September 2019 - June 2020

Welcome to the FOURTH edition of a unique teacher training in Vinyasa Flow yoga in Brussels. Become a highly skillful and creative yoga teacher in an uncompetitive and supporting environment with the leading Vinyasa Flow teacher Emmanuelle Lambert

Embark on the journey of your lifetime and learn how to teach life-changing Vinyasa Flow yoga with this 200-hour training. Dive deep in ancient yogic philosophy and techniques mixed with cutting-edge anatomy to teach Vinyasa Flow to a high standard and deepen your own knowledge and practice.

This training will give you:
Knowledge and understanding of ancient practices and techniques, and their relevance today

A thorough understanding of functional anatomy and biomechanics with an exploration of bones and muscles, connective tissue and joints, and revolutionary concepts that every teacher should know

A deep understanding of key asana and family of poses and the concept of holistic organic alignment

Tools to sequence powerful and effective classes and practices, as well as keys to adapt your classes for different needs

Space and tools for personal enquiry, finding your own voice and what you stand for, a deeper sense of self.

Serendip Spa’s Vinyasa Teacher Training is a one-of-a-kind teacher training in Belgium, with the first certified Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, first Core-Strength Vinyasa trained teacher in Brussels, and first Trauma-Center, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F), Emmanuelle Lambert (E-RYT200, YACEP).

Dates for Training
* 21-22 September 2019
* 19-20 October 2019
* 16-17 November 2019
* 07-08 December 2019
* 18-19 January 2020
* 15-16 February 2020
* 14-15 March 2020
* 18-19 April 2020
* 16-17 May 2020
* 13-14 June 2020
* Graduation: 19 June 2020


(make sure you read the whole form, and should you wish to apply, to return form and terms and conditions duly signed to yoga@serendipspa.com or to our concierge)


Let's Celebrate Love!

It is already this time of the year when we set an intention to love, and love can take many different shapes and forms. For instance, here at Serendip, we LOVE our community and to celebrate YOU, we have designed special Valentine offerings – it is never too early to treat yourself and / or your loved ones!

Special Couples's Treatments

To celebrate you and a special someone in your life, whether they are your significant other, a friend, a family member, you can book any of our couples' treatments: Serendipity Ritual, Yin Yang Couples Ritual, Warming Footbath, and get a 15% discount. This offer is valid if you book and pay your treatment between 1st and 28th February 2019.

CANDLE DEEP BACK MASSAGE, offered exclusively between 9 and 17 February 2019

Good things come in small packages. We’re taking our deep back massage to the next level by using warm, soothing yet sensual massage candles from Natural Spa Factory to release blocked tension along your back and shoulders and at the same time to calm your nerves, unwind, and clear your mind. Infused with the most indulgent French fragrances we can find from the heady scent of cocoa flower to the freshness of rose & the sweetness of honey! Pure bliss.

Price per 45min treatment: 80eur

Package of 4x 45min treatment: 280eur (save 40eur)

More info and booking with our concierge.


Not sure what treatment to pick? You can always purchase a gift certificate for your loved ones - discover our online Valentine-designed gift certificate HERE.

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