Budokon Yoga Introduction Workshop - Sunday 13th October


Sunday 13th October, 2pm-4pm

The foundation of this style is the Budokon® Yoga Primary Series. It consists of 7 intelligently assembled sections of slow and controlled movements designed to improve mobility, agility, flexibility and strength. The emphasis being on the transitions from posture to posture, rather than the holding of postures. The purpose of this class is to gain muscular strength, cardiovascular stamina, as well as joint mobility. The Budokon® Primary Series tell the story of the warrior engaging in the battle against its divided mind, the work between the yoga and the warrior within us to reach the unification of mind, spirit and body.

Budokon® is a Mixed Movement Living Arts system for inspired movers codified and popularized by martial arts and yoga master Cameron Shayne beginning 2001. A holistic concept that integrates martial arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing), yoga, calisthenics, mobility (animal locomotion), and mind science. It was created as a conditioning practice for movers of all type to become a more complete and high level mixed movement artist.

Passionate about movement and transmitting its benefits, Céline discovered yoga 13 years ago. After some dance practice, she started Iyengar, which gave her a solid basis in postural alignment. In Vinyasa Flow she found the connection between body, breath, and fluidity of movements. She studied Prana Vinyasa®, Yin Yoga and Yoga Was, and explores Fighting Monkey practice. Lately she has been working on combining different types of movement to complement her own physical practice and explore ranges of motion and mobility. Budokon® came as the perfect combination and the meeting with Founder and artistic director Cameron and Melayne Shayne was life changing. Céline currently teaches Vinyasa and Yin at Serendip Spa & Yoga, and wishes to build a Budokon® community here in Brussels.

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Ease Into the New Season with our September Offerings

This bittersweet feeling of entering a new season while the previous one is still lingering, this is where we are. We are back into our routine, longing for the sun to stay a while longer while the days are getting shorter…

How about retaining that feeling of radiance, glow, and lightness, as we make our way into Autumn?

For this, we have the perfect solutions for you!

Do you still wish you were at the beach, felling the sand gently scrub your skin as you soak in the sun? Then don’t wait, purchase a 6-month subscription for our Himalaya Salt Therapy by [comfort zone], and get a complimentary [comfort zone] cleansing milk.

This unique results driven treatment comes from [comfort zone], promoting a holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The ancient ritual begins with body massage using warm Himalayan salt stones, which immediately bring about a sense of relaxation, alleviating tension, stress and anxiety. The treatment then proceeds with an exhilarating salt rub and wrap using a combination of precious pink Himalayan salt with a nourishing oil to completely detoxify the body, easing aches and pains while stimulating the metabolism and restore vitality and balance. A face and head massage ensures total relaxation.

Do you want to take care of your body and mind, and feel that summer glow and lightness throughout the week, or even the season to come?

Then it’s time to get one of our Unlimited Bronze, Silver, or Gold Yoga Memberships, and get one month for free! The best part of these 12-month yoga memberships? It also includes a monthly treatment, and a lot of other benefits and discounts for workshops, etc.

For more information and purchases, contact our concierge

Both offers available for purchase until 30th September - Nominative - Not transferrable, no refundable - Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion


September in Serendip Spa & Yoga

Ah, September! A change of pace, a change of season looming upon us…

It’s official: even though we are trying to hold on to the last glimpses of Summer, we are back in the swing of things and in full spring mode!

And yet, September can be such a great time for new possibilities and opportunities, and to try new things - like a new class at our studio, like an Animal Flow class for instance, a fun and challening practice for strength and mobility. Or take a break with our Candlelight Yin & Sound Healing bath workshop.

So in the midst of the race, take a breath, take care of yourself, and have a cup of tea with us :)

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Endless Summer at Serendip - August Specials

Maybe you’ve only just come back from holidays - or you are leaving soon and want to make sure that sweet holiday feeling will last even as the end of Summer is approaching…

Which is why we have designed those very sweet Summer Specials for your wellbeing!

  • Buy our special Summer Serendip Signature Journey package, the SSJ4+1- buy 4, get 1 free!

    Cost: 380 euros (4x95). To be purchased by 20th August and used before end of October. Not transferrable, not refundable.

  • Buy your 10-class pass, 1h or 1h30, get an extra validity month (i.e. 4 months instead of standard validity of 3 months) AND a 10% reduction. Use code “Summer Yoga Pass” at check-out.

    To be purchased by 31st August. No extra extension possible. Not transferrable, not refundable.

  • And don’t forget our Unlimited Summer : only fifteen days to take advantage of our signature Unlimited Summer packages, giving you the possibility to take as many yoga classes as you wish and add treatments to boot! On sale until 15th August. Contact our concierge for more details.


August in Serendip Spa & Yoga

"Make each day count!" This feels like our mantra this month - perhaps because it is August and all of us want to keep the feeling of summer as long as possible. Perhaps, this should be our mantra every day, all year long! In any case, let's start now.

Make a list of all the fun things you have been meaning to do, spend time dreaming in the sunshine - & celebrate life with your family and friends.

And come on by for that cup of tea with our team any/every day this month, and celebrate your achievements, big or small.

And maybe your dream is to study yoga more in depth - this month's your month then, don't waste time and apply for our teacher training!

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July in Serendip Spa & Yoga

Summer is upon us! And maybe - dare we say it? - a little bit toom much upon us? Ha, let's bask in the sunlight, enjoy brighter days, and enjoy every moment! And that also means pampering yourself for a true holiday feeling!

If you are in Brussels, join us in our spa for a wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating treatment, and / or for a dynamic or restorative yoga class, we're open!

It is time to hold on to this feeling of timelessness and bliss, and the good news is that our Unlimited Summer packages are STILL available for you to take advantage of.

So come in, all our rooms and studio are deliciously cool, so you can truly enjoy that summery feel and rebuld your energy.

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June in Serendip Spa & Yoga

"Unlimited summer" has such a lovely ring to it -- which is why we use this to describe our spa and yoga offerings for the next few months. The sentiment of infinitesimal enjoyment of the warm sun & hours of "dolce far niente" instills an anticipation of moments to come.

Though, this feeling can be conjured up at any time of the year. The warm weather, at least in Brussels, may not be with us at all seasons - but relaxation is always available. We can create our own feeling of "unlimited summer" whenever we need it.

So, mental note - let's make sure we give ourselves the time to recharge when needed - and for the next few months especially, let's take advantage of an unlimited summer feeling wherever we go and let's make it contagious.

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May in Serendip Spa & Yoga

Oh May, that month when it is still Spring but the taste and smell of Summer is felt in the air and Summer holidays are getting closer…

At Serendip, we love finding ways to help you get ready for these delicious Summer months with a feast of the senses: it's all about Aromatherapy! And don't forget you can take care of both body and mind with all our treatments, like getting a taste of that relaxed feeling you can only get on Summer holidays.

Our yoga classes and Buddhist meditations sessions are also here to help you take care of yourself, so come on, be curious, explore!

Speaking of exploring, how about combining the benefits of yoga and Thai massage, with our special workshop of the month?

The tea kettle is always on, our serendip scent in the air - welcome, we love to see you!

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